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With factory training and over 31,000 service calls of experience, we can handle anything from antiques to cutting edge electronic appliances. We understand that appliances are your tools for living a modern life and nothing is more devastating than a breakdown. We are usually able to offer same day or next day service and arrive with a large inventory of common parts so you can get your life up and running sooner.


  • No Surprises, we offer a diagnostic charge of $49 

  • A technician will diagnose the problem and provide a detailed quote explaining the repairs needed.
    There is NO “Service Call” charge added to your repair cost. We only collect the diagnostic charge if you decide NOT to go ahead with the repair.

  • All repairs are guaranteed 90 days Parts and Labor.

  • Bundled services will be discounted. Please call so we can discuss your options and quotes.


  • CA Appliance and Electronics Repair License

  • EPA Certified 40CFR Part 82 Subpart F

  • Library Card

  • License# C62006

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